About Apologhetti


Camp Dates:

July 7-10.


Arrival & drop off:

We will be leaving St. Mark's parking lot the 7'th at 1:30pm. We're asking that teens and chaperones who will be taking the bus to arrive no later than 1:00pm. We will be returning to the St. Mark's parking lot the 10th at approximately 2:30-3:00pm.  


More information to come soon!



So... What is Apologhetti anyway?

Well, The idea began as a way to help teens explain and defend their Catholic faith; also known as apologetics.

As "fun" as that sounded, we realized there needed to be a way to actually get teens to show up beyond all that "fun." What better way to bribe them than with food? What food? Well, spaghetti, of course. Not just regular spaghetti. Good spaghetti. Actually, really good spaghetti. And what happens when you combine apologetics and spaghetti (besides awesomeness)? Apologhetti!

A few years ago we thought it would be a cool idea to do a little Apologhetti Camp out with some of our Apologhetti alumni that would be back from college, and when we say little, we mean like a camp out you'd take with your family, but God had other plans for it and turned into something much bigger than we had set out for. This camp brings in nationally known speakers who give incredible talks and hang out with us all weekend, along with several great priests and religious! 

This camp isn't just about apologetics though, because what good is apologetics if we lack love for God and our neighbor? The teens not only will learn why our the Catholic faith is so incredibly AWESOME, but they will learn how to have a deep and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ that will eventually  spark the desire to share the good news with their family and friends. It's way too amazing to keep to ourselves anyway!

This year's camp guest speakers are Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, one of the most sought after speakers in the Catholic Church today, and Trent Horn, a top Catholic apologist from Catholic Answers! Not only will teens grow in their understanding of the faith, and learn new ways to daily have a deep and ongoing relationship with Jesus Christ, but they'll get to do it in the great outdoors with fantastic food and friends! Don't miss this incredible opportunity for your teen(s)!